Perfect warmth has its name – heat with our product ETHERMA

                        for your flat – your finca- your boat – your hotel – or in the gastronomy sector

                                                      we offer you the RIGHT PRODUCT


We speak from our own experience. Heating is a big issue on the Balearic Islands, because also of the island of the sun the temperatures are sinking to one-digit values in wintertime. Another undesirable side-effect of cool rooms is the quick formation of mould.

However, the majority of houses and flats aren´t equipped with pre-installed heating systems.


With the products of SolandHeat you can look forward to cozy, pleasant and above all sane warmth – which, in comparison to air-conditioning systems, also warm the matter and which are more cost saving at the same time.

The advantages of infrared heating systems at a glance:

  • no formation of mould
  • no humidity
  • no magnetic fields
  • efficient
  • no service 
  • pure and healthy air because there is no dust circulation
  • suitable for asthmatic persons and allergy sufferers 
  • low operational costs / energy consumption
  • simple installation
  • can be used as a full heating system
  • individual – modern and timeless design 
  • low acquisition costs
  • 5-year-warranty


Our partner EHTERMA disposes of more than 35 years experience in the area of electronic heating systems.